We’ve just met, so you’re going to get the equivalent of first date material here.  Friendship is like an onion, we’re going in by layers and the more we peel back the more likely there will be crying 🙂

I’ve spent the last 20 years working in IT, specifically cyber security, more specifically in training and war gaming.  You can read my professional backstory over at cyberexercise.net. This space is for me the person; not me, the worker bee – although sometimes those two are inseparable.

I grew up in mostly in the military. Dad was a career Air Force officer (Vietnam and the Cold War), mom was stay at home.  We moved more than most at that time, but not as much as some. I was in a different school every grade from K – 7. I spent 7-12 in one school due to my parents’ divorce more than anything else.

I’ve traveled to 5 continents (still missing South America and Antarctica), started and sold a business, published a book (no one bought a copy), published articles (they are old now), and done other stuff and things.

For fun I complete endurance events.  I’ve tackled more than a dozen GORUCK Challenges (they are called Toughs now) on two continents, and a Tough Mudder. Last year I convinced my children (and some friends) to do a Spartan race with me.  My 14 year old daughter and I completed the Trifecta (that’s a Sprint, Super and Beast in one calendar year). My eldest daughter ran the Sprint with us.

I have two lovable doggos. Tsuk (a two year old English Bull Mastiff) and Faith (a rescue puppy who’s equal parts love, greased lightning and mud).

Lastly and certainly not least are my two teenage daughters and incredible wife of 23 years.  They are my rock and foundation. With them, I can do anything. Most days will find us busy with the kids and trying to rehab a 3 acre farmstead in suburban Lancaster, PA.

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